FiveDegree Piers

Why Five Degree Concrete Piers

Piers have been used traditionally for centuries providing an economical, dry building environment as part of a logical, efficient construction process.

We have been supplying Cast Concrete Piers to timber frame companies, Architects, decking companies, developers and private clients for several years.

Range of stock sizes available to fit 100mm to 200mm timber posts and beams.

Foundations for:

  • Traditional timber frame dwellings
  • Decking
  • Log cabins
  • Garden rooms
  • Porches
  • Garages & car ports
  • Stables
  • Balconies
  • Mobile homes

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  • Vibrated concrete cast to engineering specification
  • Scabbled exposed aggregate or smooth concrete finish with crisp edges
  • Cast with stainless steel stud bar and hex nut
  • Complies with UK Planning and Building Regulations
  • Bespoke sizes and finishes available on request
  • Standard sizes in stock
  • Nationwide delivery

Attractive Solution

Scabbled exposed aggregate finish complements timber structures

Low Impact

Eliminates the need to pour concrete slab and reduces the extent of excavation

Raised Foundations

Ideal for difficult access or sloping sites and creates ventilation under the structure

Versatile Application

Solutions for a broad range of structural and financial demands with size and price options

Timber Frames

  • Ideal foundations for traditional timber frame dwellings, timber post porches and garage fronts
  • Allows lateral adjustment at the point of frame raising
  • Resists windlift and provides shear resistance
  • Creates damp proof course between the post & ground


  • Attractive, durable foundation solution for quality decking and landscape structures
  • Increases service life significantly
  • Simple time saving installation
  • Fixing options available
  • 150 Pier complies with Timber Decking Association `Code of Practice of Raised Timber Deck Structures` for NHBC standards; stipulates timber columns shall be installed clear of the ground on a concrete footing pier


Cast Concrete Foundation Pier

  • Cast with stainless steel stud bar and hex nut
  • Delivery to site by arrangement, POA
  • Smooth or scabbled finish available
  • Spacer plates: 6mm thick stainless steel or polypropylene plates available

Piers available in:

  • 100 mm
  • 150 mm
  • 175 mm
  • 200 mm